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About Resell Guide

India's first online platform created to connect dropship and light-bulk wholesalers with e-commerce retailers

At Resell Guide, our mission is simple. To invite india's most reputed and trusted, top-level wholesalers to work with e-commerce companies of all sizes by means of selling either dropship or light bulk wholesale.

We work hard to make sure e-retailers have only the best sources to purchase their inventory from, we do this by finding and inviting only the safest and most genuine suppliers to be listed. This means, you won't find any middlemen, retailers posing as wholesalers or scams on our network, ensuring that retailers get the best possible pricing and quality for their purchases - this not only means better margins and not having to stock large inventory, but also that the end-customer is satisfied - the most important step in making e-commerce business successful in the long term.

Beyond an online platform

Our goal is ensuring your e-commerce success. This isn't limited to just helping wholesalers and retailers connect via our online platform. As a member of Resell Guide, you will find that we take great pride in our ability to do whatever we can to cater to individual needs. We constantly communicate with our members, offer exclusive deals on e-commerce services offered by our partners and help with creating India's future top e-commerce brands.

Listing as a supplier on Resell Guide isn't for everyone

While it is completely free for suppliers to join and be listed on Resell Guide, we list only suppliers that are worthy. In order to be approved by us and be visible to e-retailers on the network, suppliers must meet our strict guidelines - this means no middle-men, scams or fake dropshippers.

For eligible suppliers, however, being listed on Resell Guide, opens doors to being connected with a large and rapidly growing number of e-retailers with nationwide reach and a steady increase in sales; as their new retail partners grow to become important destinations for online shopping.

Talk to us!

If you have any questions, comments, feedback or ideas to share with us, we are all ears! Please don't hesitate to drop us a line by email, twitter, facebook or call us at any time!